Will HBO’s The Last of Us TV Series Be Cancelled?

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After a week of chaotic news, there is some concern that HBO’s adaptation of Naughty Dog and PlayStation’s beloved game, The last of us, can be cancelled. It’s been a pretty wild week for Warner Bros. Discovery, the company that owns HBO, DC Comics and a number of other properties. Things started to get weird when Warner Bros. canceled Batgirl, a $90 million DC film that had already finished shooting and was expected to debut on HBO Max with Michael Keaton returning as Batman. The weirdness continued when news came out that the HBO Max exclusive Scoob! sequel also got the ax despite being nearly complete and a number of already-released HBO Max originals being pulled outright from the service. A number of these projects were reportedly killed for financial reasons, with the expectation that the company would use them as “tax write-offs”.

A recent report from The Wrap also stated that 70% of HBO Max’s development team will be laid off as the streamer appears to be planning to move away from scripted content. This has left many wondering what this will mean for HBO’s The last of us series, a program that has already completed production and is expected to be released in early 2023. In a normal situation, one would expect that regardless of the case, a filmed program would be released. Unfortunately, this is not a normal situation, as a $90 million Batman-adjacent movie was killed with seemingly little hesitation.

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With that said, HBO is actually expected to be largely unaffected by these changes and The last of us is an HBO show, not an HBO Max show. The difference is that HBO shows air on the TV network with a simultaneous release on HBO Max, while HBO Max originals usually go straight to the streamer. With that said, it seems likely The last of us will not be cancelled, at least not because of these current changes.

This chaos hasn’t stopped some fans from fearing the worst for the video game adaptation. Some still fear that the show could get the axe, but currently there is no indication that will happen. Of course, only time will tell what will happen as Warner Bros. Discovery may choose to go scorched earth on HBO itself as well, but there’s no sign of that at the moment. Fans can also take comfort in knowing that HBO Max’s Peacemaker is also “safe” for cancellation right now, so there are a few big budget projects that Warner Bros.

You can read some fan reactions to all the HBO news below.

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