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Football dominates West Rowan

Posted at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 14, 2022

By Brian Pitts

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When you’re struggling growing up like the Davie varsity soccer team, every win is precious.

A 3-0 win at home to West Rowan on September 6 was significant as it matched the number of wins in the past two seasons combined, a stretch that saw Davie go 2-28-1.

Additionally, he snapped a five-game losing streak and scored the most goals in 22 games. The match took place in pouring rain.

“The guys pretty much dominated the whole game,” coach Marco Rebollar said. “We came out shooting in the first 10 minutes. I was pumped for them to get this win.

Davie made all the score in the first half. Peter Marks was the man of the hour with two goals. Alex Torres had the other.

“Peter was about to get a hat trick,” Rebollar said. “He played a great game. I used him as a centre-back for the last three or four games, and decided to put him up front – and it worked. He put two aside, so it was great to see.

Rebollar liked what he saw of midfielders Mason Tarbet, Justin Rayas, Alex DelCarmen and Alex Torres and defenders Karson Yount, Alex Tarbet, Will Davis and Zachary Hill.

“My midfield played out of their minds,” he said. “My back line played unbelievably.”

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A. Tarbet is a versatile weapon who played in central defense against the Falcons (3-4), who suffered their third loss in a row.

“I moved a guy we call Pepsi to center back,” Rebollar said. “He’s a guy I can use in midfield, in attack, anywhere – but we think we’ve found his home now. He’s a natural centre-back. He played fantastic balls and he is fast.

How did A. Tarbet get the nickname Pepsi?

“I think he drinks a Pepsi before every game,” Rebollar said. “The other day he ran to the gas station because he had to get a Pepsi.”

A. Tarbet and Rayas had assists.

Reynolds 5, Davie 0

It was just 1-0 at the end of the first half, but Davie (2-7 overall) didn’t have the horsepower to stick with Reynolds in the Central Piedmont Conference opener on September 7.

A goal just before half-time almost dashed Davie’s upset hopes.

“It could have been 1-0 at half time, but they slipped one with less than two minutes to play,” he said. “I don’t think Reynolds expected us to be so competitive in the first half.”

Things were going reasonably well in the second half until a War Eagle was shown a red card. They had to play a man for the last 19 minutes, and that’s when the wheels came off.

“They were bigger and they moved the ball well,” Rebollar said. “They would do it side to side.”

A fifth straight win lifted Reynolds’ record to 5-2-1.